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Build your own pixel art with Lego bricks or compatible in three steps:

First: upload your image and play with parameters

Second: download the assembly instructions and the list of bricks required

Third: buy your bricks in third party stores

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Create my Panbricks


You can select a section of picture you want to apply Panbricks on.

This value define the horizontal size of your Panbricks. Most this value is high, most your Panbricks will be wide. The height depends on the input picture ratio.


This value define if the algorithm use plates or not. If this field is checked plates and bricks will be used. If not, only bricks will be used. Using plates provides a higher resolution with more elements, your Panbricks will be more expensive and longer to build.

0 0 0 0 0
Colors filter

Several color set exists and numerical values associated to Lego color code may vary. Following links give reference tables used by Panbricks depending on your selection: A (extracted from rebrickable.com), B (extracted form bricklink.com), C (extracted form swooshable.com), D (extracted form webrick.com), Gray scale is an extraction of BrickLink color set.
Do not hesitate to try the different color sets to see differences on your Panbricks.

Where do you want buying your bricks?

Depending on selected inventory, some brick/color combinations are not available. Lego inventory is based on the officiel Lego web site Pick-a-brick, some brick colors are no longer produced. Bricklink inventory provides more Lego bricks with new and second-hand bricks. Webrick inventory provides Lego-compatible bricks, it offers a wide color palette for each type of brick.

The number of parts in width has to be greater than 0

Your Panbricks

Your Panbricks is composed of elements - .

You modified your Panbricks:

You selected Lego.com in the "Advanced parameters" section. Estimated price (on Lego.com):

How to buy your bricks on Lego.com?

Step 1: access to Lego.com service to buy elements one by one: https://www.lego.com/en-us/page/static/Pick-a-Brick.

Step 2: use the list below to select your bricks on Lego.com:


You selected Webrick.com in the "Advanced parameters" section. Webrick.com is an international distributor for compatible Lego bricks.

Estimated price (on webrick.com): $

How to buy your bricks on Webrick.com?

Step 1: download the list of bricks of your Panbricks in your computer

Step 2: go to https://www.webrick.com/toolkit, upload file downloaded in step 1 and buy your bricks.

Step 3: don't forget to download your assembly instructions of your Panbricks

Include preview:

Deactivating the final preview in the assembly instructions enables to discover the result as it is being assembled.


If you enjoy this project, please consider to make a kind donation to contribute to hosting costs and the development of new features, thank you!

Some advices

Lego elements have limited colors, do not hesitate to make several attempts to find the best combination for your picture. Examples below show two results depending on input picture.

Example 1: result with an original picture

Example 2: result with a modified picture

How it works?

Panbricks build pixel art by stacking bricks like a wall rather than pinning round or square tiles on a base plate. Panbricks optimizes elements placement according to size and color. Plates, combined with stack placement, enable to create artworks with a higher definition on vertical axis than pinning elements on base plates.

Panbricks-style stack placement

Plate placement

With Panbricks you are no longer limited by the size of the base plate and the precision on the vertical axis is 2.5 times more important than on a plate placement. This optimizes the definition of the paintings with an optimal final rendering.

stacked mode plate mode

Comparison of two artworks composed by 30 bricks (width) with Panbricks-style placement (left) and with a placement on a base plate (right).


If you enjoy this project, please consider to make a kind donation to contribute to hosting costs and the development of new features, thank you!


If you have questions or you want to share your panbricks, send me an email with a fun photo and I will add it to the gallery